Click on each drop-down to read more race information* of the 2022 Tour de Bintan
*subject to changes

17km, 138km, 113km82km, 52km
Men Women
19*-34 19*-34
35-39 35-39
40-44 40-44
45-49 45-49
50-54 50-54
55-59 55-59
60-64 60-64
65+ 65+
  • Age categories above apply to competitive the Gran Fondo races (17km ITT, Gran Fondo Classic, 113km Century).
  • The Top 20% of each age category in the 17km ITT and Gran Fondo Classic will qualify for the UCI Gran Fondo World Championship
  • *18 year old individuals may race but will not be ranked due to UCI’s Regulations
    *Riders born in 2004 can already qualify in the 19-34 category. Riders born in 2005 will not be eligible for UCI qualification or prizes, but may race.

*Age is as of 31 December 2022

82km Gran Fondo Challenge 52km Gran Fondo Discovery
16+ 16+
  • Age categories above apply to non-competitive Gran Fondo races (82km Gran Fondo Challenge and 52km Gran Fondo Discovery)

*Age is as of 31 December 2022


Tour de Bintan 2022 Start and Finish locations

Venue: Plaza Lagoi

Date: Friday

Time: 10:00-21:30

All cyclists must collect their race kit on Friday.

What to bring?

1. Identification (FIN or passport)

2. E-copy of entry confirmation email with the QR code

If you do not have the required documents you will not be able to collect the race kit.

Bike Transfers

You are required to inform your hotel’s bike depot where you want your bike to go over the weekend.  They will not move it without your instruction, so be sure to advise them clearly.

Upon instruction, partner hotel’s will transfer bikes to/from:

  • Friday: Plaza Lagoi (ITT)
  • Saturday: Simpang Lagoi (Gran Fondo Classic and Challenge races)
  • Sunday: Plaza Lagoi (Gran Fondo Century and Discovery races)

Bike Depot

All partner hotels have a bike depot where bikes will be centralised.

Important Note: Based on local customs regulations, you are not allowed to leave your bike on the island after the race. The bike which has been brought into the island with you must leave the island with you after the race.

Bike Rental

If you require a race ready bicycle, Valley Cycles has a broad selection of road bicycles available for you to rent.

Find out more here.


Mechanics will be available to assist you with basic servicing and repairs over race weekend.  Replacement parts will be chargeable.

Mechanics will also be roaming the cycle courses on Saturday and Sunday to assist with mechanical issues during the races.

Please look after yourself and try to stay away from the medical tent!  Bintan’s tropical climate of high temperatures and humidity put a great deal of stress on your body and places you at greater risk of developing a heat injury. To avoid this, here are a few tips from the Medical Director:

Have a heart check!

Make sure your ticker is working at full throttle by having a check up at your local doctor.  This will avoid any nasty surprises as you train and on race day.  It is especially important for males aged 35 and over.

Stay well hydrated prior and during the race

Your race hydration should begin in the days leading up to the event!  Be sure to keep drinking water and electrolyte drinks for two days prior to ensure you start the race fully hydrated.  Once the gun goes, a combination of water and electrolyte drinks during the race will help keep your performance up and your injury risk down. Grab a cold drink (bottle) at each of the feed zones to ensure you don’t run out of fluids.

Not used to the heat? Start at a slower pace

If this is your first time at Tour de Bintan or have been training in a cooler and less humid place, be more conservative in your pace and race efforts than you normally would.

Been feeling under the weather recently, perhaps with a flu and muscle aches?

Check with the medical team before you take part in the race. Had diarrhea or vomiting recently? This would have resulted in loss of fluid and electrolytes, so ensure to replace these before you head to race start.

Experiencing undue fatigue, headache, or giddiness during the event?

Slow your pace down and even take a short break. If things don’t improve, stop at a feed zone and inform a race official, or call the emergency number.

Even as you take care of yourself before and during the event, keep an eye out for any fellow participant who might not be looking too well. If you see a cyclist not riding in a straight line, or someone who seems to be really struggling, please stop and ask how they are. You may be doing that person a big favour by letting a race official know or by asking for medical help.

Here’s wishing you a wonderful, healthy and safe day at Tour de Bintan!